Meet the Guru!
A world class pro at your service

Ahhh – I’m beyond thrilled to introduce you to this amazing creature!????

You’ll be blown away by the wisdom and the love. It all makes sense (as you’ll realize…) and it’s all so simple and clear – yet, powerful beyond words. Yes, really.

So, take a seat and get ready for an extraordinary encounter!


Yes, YOU!!!????

Because YOU are that guru!

And before you sigh and go “naaaw, c’mon, this is silly”, give me a second (or maybe a minute..)
to celebrate you a little bit more.

Because the thing is that feng shui is really a natural thing. It’s based on nature and how we perceive and interact with it – and how we experience the world around us.

All this happens through, and thanks to, our senses. Without them, we couldn’t experience anything – pretty boring, right?!

What feng shui does, is that it encourages us to connect to our sensibility. It invites us to be alert, to fine-tune our senses – and to use them for our good.

And feng shui really is a “feel good” philosophy. It’s all about creating spaces and environments that make us feel good.

So, when you might be thinking “hmmm, wonder if this is good feng shui or not?” – just tune in to yourself and your remarkable inherent assistants, and you’ll feel your way to the answer.

Not that tricky!??

Because you know how you feel when you feel good. When you’re feeling relaxed. Comfortable. Happy. Or simply joyful.

To make it short: if something feels good to you – it is good for you.

So, go ahead and engage with and befriend your inner coworkers – and accept their help and offer to assist you, to create the space you want. Simply put;

Let your senses be your cicerone!

  • Be aware.
  • Be curious.
  • Observe.
  • How does your space look?
  • How does it smell?
  • How does it feel? Yes; feel.
  • How do you feel when you enter the space?
  • What sounds add to the experience?
  • Maybe the space even evokes some kind of flavor, or an idea of a flavor.

Follow those hunches, and you’ll be guided in the right direction to create the space you want.

Over to you!

I’m always curious to hear what you find and think, but this time I even MORE curious!

  • How have your senses helped you when it comes to arranging your home and space?
    And maybe even choose your place?!

Can’t wait to read what you’ve to share in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
And thanks for leaving your comment and thoughts in English
– doing that will allow more of us to be able to read it.

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