You long for a home that feels like your sanctuary. You dream of a workspace that gets your creativity flowing. You wish for a space where you feel great, inspired and where life is easy to live.

Creating a space where you feel good, energized and relaxed, and where your practical life runs a bit smoother, would let you enjoy your days a bit more and create space for the life you want.


I’m Maria Abrahamsson, a feng shui consultant from Sweden, happy to help you create spaces that work well for you in your everyday life and at the same time create a great atmosphere.

I do this through practical and easy-to-follow instructions that fit your personal style and are made for today’s lifestyles.

Living in a space that’s inspiring and where life is easy to live will leave you energized and with peace of mind – creating space for the things you really want to do and living the life you really want to live.

My story and my feng shui life

I still clearly remember my first encounter with feng shui. I was working in the advertising business, and had a great job, but nevertheless had this strong urge to do something else – I just didn’t know what. With a lifelong interest in philosophy, psychology, personal development and aesthetics I was drawn to do something within those areas.

One day on my way home, a dark and cold winter evening, I just felt the need for some inspiration and input on how to move on with my life and how to bring a little sparkle into it. I visited a small friendly bookstore that mainly focused on self-development and health; they had books covering yoga, ayurveda, astrology, meditation, philosophy, psychology – all the kinds of things I had a quiet longing for.

In the entrance on a noticeboard was a sign about a course in feng shui. At that point, I had no idea what that was, but took one of the small slips with the telephone number. I called the number, and a woman answered but didn’t say anything – she just gave a trill of crystal clear laughter, like a spring brook or a string of pure shiny pearls.

When she finally spoke, she said; “oh, I’m so glad you’re here!”. I was stunned. Didn’t know what to say. Just strongly felt that whatever this woman teaches, I want to meet her, be with her and learn from her.

This is how I came to sign up for something I didn’t have a clue what it was, I just had a strong feeling that if this rippling laughter is what this feng shui thing does with you – I’m in!

The diversity and richness of life

While still working at my corporate day job, I started out with some short feng shui courses – and was instantly hooked!

After 12 amazing years in advertising I decided to leave and to follow my heart’s longing for doing something else, and in 2001, after two years of training, I earned my diploma as a feng shui consultant.

Then – life had great surprises for me!

Instead of starting out as a fresh feng shui consultant, life offered a couple of circumstances inspiring me to fulfill an old dream of mine: going to art school. I pinched myself, took a leap and embarked on this new journey, which turned out to be almost another 12 years – this time studying fine arts, philosophy and aesthetics.

This journey was figurative as well as literal, as I found myself moving a lot during this period. I spent long times abroad, far away from family and friends, and lived in all kinds of spaces and places – some very nice, some more… let’s say “challenging”.

Feng shui as my companion

Despite where I lived for the moment, I always tried to turn the space into my space. Being far away from near and dear ones, it was even more important to create a space that felt like a safe haven.

With feng shui as my backbone, and that philosophy becoming a second nature, I could easily find solutions that served me and the space, creating that loving and inspiring sanctuary that would support and comfort me. I developed an ability to quickly see and feel what could be done to create a space that felt good.

Looking back at my life, I realize this is something I always have done, and always with the same intention; to create an ambiance and an atmosphere that fit both the space and me, to use what I have and to turn this particular space into something that resonates with me. It’s like reading the space’s story and combining it with mine. What is the personality of the space? Who am I? What life do I want to live in this space?

With the knowledge of feng shui, I learned there was an articulated method for doing this and things really fell into place.

Feng shui – the feel good philosophy

Feng shui literally means “Wind and Water”, which symbolizes the elements being in balance – a metaphor for harmony. There’re several feng shui schools, but all aim at the same thing; creating spaces that are harmonious and therefore feel good.

Feng shui is at its core a natural thing, with a lot of common sense, that’s beautifully been transformed into a system and method.

I strongly believe that when we feel good, we do good. Having a home or a workspace that feels great, where you feel safe and secure and that inspires and supports you, will make you experience joy and ease – spending time in spaces that make you feel good, will nourish and nurture the best version of you.

I also believe that in creating an outer space that makes you feel good, this creates an inner space that gives you peace of mind – a peace of mind you can use to create a life you want.

To me, as for my beloved mentor, feng shui is a way of living more than anything else. Its gentle guidelines show us the way to be more aware of nature, our surroundings and ourselves. The more I live with it, the more humble I get about the magic and wonder of it and of life itself.

My current life and business – the circle is complete

Today, I run my own business, which has been another lifelong dream of mine – allowing me to create a life I love, doing what I love.

Working as a feng shui consultant within my own firm, I get to use my experience from my previous endeavors: the project management from my corporate job, the eye and the understanding for the visual and the aesthetics, the philosophy and the questions about how we want to live our lives. They all benefit my work and my clients in this new journey of mine.

Nowadays I live in Sweden again, not far from the capital Stockholm, but have the privilege to meet people from around the world – working together with them to create spaces they love and where they feel great. I’m honored to be invited to their homes and workspaces, which are both very private and intimate spheres of our lives. My intention is to meet everyone with care, curiosity and respect, and my conviction is that I learn as much from my clients as they do from me.

It’s amazing to experience that great energy someone gets after our work together – that expression in their outer space of who they are and want to be, as well as that inner space of joy and freedom they’ve created for themselves. To be a part of that journey is a privilege and nothing less than a little miracle.

The impact of how my clients express that newly found energy is absolutely priceless. It’s contagious when they tell me about it with a bubbling energy, enthusiasm and pure joy – very similar to the energy of that very first laughter I encountered with my feng shui mentor, back when it all started.

What kind of space do you want to create and what do you want to create space for in your life?

Do you have an urge to make your home or workspace into something more than it is today? Do you long for a space that mirrors who you are and supports the life you want to live? To learn more about how we can work together, check out my Work With Me-page.

If you have any questions, just drop me an email here!

Look forward to hearing from you!


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