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I heard feng shui is a lot about downsizing and getting rid of your stuff, but I love my things!
It’s true that a big part of feng shui is to declutter and keep a space clean (honestly, that’s where it all starts!), but that doesn’t mean you have to throw out all your stuff. The point is to be conscious about what you surround yourself with and keep the things that make you happy and that works well for you – how much or how little that may be.

My partner and family don’t believe in feng shui.
That’s fine, it’ll work anyway.😊 Actually, it’s not so much about believing as in feeling. It’s all about creating spaces that make you feel good and that you and your family enjoy.

Some pictures with feng shui examples are very minimalistic and that’s not at all my style.
Fine! Feng Shui is not connected to a certain style – actually, you can say the opposite, since it’s all about creating a space that is personal and feels good for you.

I don’t have a large budget.
No problem, you don’t have to spend a penny. It’s actually more often about getting rid of things – if you want – and rearranging and organizing the things you already have.

Will people see that I have used feng shui in my home?
They might not see it, but they will probably feel it.😊 There is nothing special to be seen, but there is this great feeling when you enter a space with good feng shui. People tend to say things like “ahhh, I love this place!”, “It’s really nice and cozy here.”, “I could stay here forever!” (watch out for that one and keep an extra bed!).

Do I need to place certain objects to apply feng shui?
Nope. You can use everyday objects that you already have or that you want to get. Feng shui is a lot about affirmation and symbols represented in the things you surround yourself with, and only you can decide, know and feel what things mean to you.

Sorry, but I have a life and can’t spend a whole weekend decluttering.
Happy to hear that! Feng shui is not a quick-fix solution nor a once-and-for-all-activity. It’s a way of living and a lifestyle; you’ll never be all set and done forever. Anyhow, some people like a kick-start to get going, others like to take one step at a time – there is no right or wrong here. You can start with your whole home, or chose a room, or a drawer or your purse, it really doesn’t matter.

Gosh, this whole decluttering and organizing thing is just too overwhelming, I have no idea where to start!
Totally get it. A great way to choose where to begin is to either start with the room, place or thing that irritates you the most OR the one you are just thrilled about and can’t wait to act on. Go with the place that catches your attention the most, in either way.

What makes feng shui different than other interior design concepts?
Such great question! Feng shui is not about interior design; in short, it’s more a way of living, a philosophy to make you feel great and live your best life – one aspect of that is to create spaces that’ll support you. In doing so, feng shui uses different tools; one is to follow the flow, rhythm, and laws of nature. Feng shui is at its core a natural thing, with a lot of common sense, translated into helpful principals and guidelines to show you the way and help you create spaces that feel great.

Hm, how come you don’t show any interior pictures?
Awesome question! Since feng shui isn’t really about the interior but more a way of living that has the relationship between human beings and nature as its essence (see the question above), my mission is to share and bring forth the knowledge and the principles of the philosophy. This, in order for you to more understand why something is recommended, and maybe come up with solutions yourself. There’s a saying that if you give someone a fish they have food for the day, but if you show them how to fish they have food for the rest of their life. So, let’s say I try to show the fishing technique of feng shui.😊

I see conflicting recommendations when I read about feng shui. What’s true and what isn’t?
Yes, this can be really confusing and frustrating! The thing is that there are several feng shui schools that work in different ways, which can result in that the specific pieces of advice seem to oppose each other. But all schools aim at the same thing: to create spaces that make you feel good. Once you learn a bit about the basic guidelines in feng shui, it gets easier to understand why they might recommend different solutions. As long as you do what feels right for you, it is right for you. To get into details; the biggest difference in the schools is how they place the bagua; some place the area called 1 (introspective, career, your path in life) in the north and some at the main entrance, which can result in totally different solutions.

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