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Ready to create the space you want?

I’m Maria, a feng shui consultant happy to help you create spaces that are functional, inspiring, and feel great.
If you yearn for a space that supports who you are and brings you closer to the life you want
– you’re in the right place!

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Maria is a wonder to work with – warm, down-to-earth and insightful.

I highly recommend Maria to anyone who is looking to create or tweak a space that they will love to occupy!

Darcy Holmer - Personal Power Coach at www.darcyholmer.com

The care and attention Maria gives to you and your space is top-notch.

If you have a lost-cause space that refuses to behave, then Maria can help you easily turn it into something functional that truly feels good.

Anna O. Romero – California, USA - Career Coach for 9-to-5ers at www.careernomad.com

I worked with Maria to create a home office that supports me in growing my business. Now I love being in there, and I’m much more productive!

Maria is a treasure for anyone looking to transform a space. I can’t recommend her strongly enough!

Mara Ormond – Maryland, USA - Leadership Coach at www. maraormond.com
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Create space for what you want!

What kind of space do you want to create – and what do you want to create space for in your life?
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