Come hang with me!
How to easily make your guests feel wanted, waited for & welcomed

You hear me saying over and over that I’m a fan of small actions that still makes a big difference – and today I let you in on another one of those.

And it’s all about to love on your guests.

However, if you’re living where it’s t-shirt and flip-flop weather all year round – no need to read this. Go have a coffee or a cold, refreshing smoothie instead and enjoy the sun!

But, if you live where the seasons are changing and folks are reaching out for their jackets, boots, and mittens part of the year – this is for you.

Hang in there – there’s a hanger in there (somewhere)

So, imagine this; you have friends or family coming over. It’s a crisp and cold day and they arrive all bundled up in their lovely coats, cute hats, and adorable mittens.

They step inside your warm and cozy home and can’t wait to take it all off (well, not all of it, of course… ).

And they start to look for a place to hang it.

And they look.

And they get confused.

Because there’s no place.

Or a very packed one – with your jackets and stuff, and with not a single free hanger or hook in sight.

And you start to hum and go “oh, sorry, just hang in there” [excuse the pun…] “give me a second and I’ll find you a spot.” And you desperately try to free one of those hangers or hooks from all the other stuff so you can squeeze in your guests’ outdoor outfits – while they’re all waiting patiently, and maybe even a bit embarrassed because they caused you somewhat of a problem.

Phew. What a start of that dinner or cocktail! ?

But imagine this instead; your guests entering your home, all giddy and happy, and they don’t even have to ask where to put their clothes, because it’s so obvious with all those free hangers ? dangling on the rack, almost saying “use me, use me!”.

Or, if you are one of those thoughtful hosts who take care of it all for your guests, you just easily hang it up in a split second, because there’s soooo much space for it – like, nema problema – and you don’t have to spend the first precious moments with your peeps trying to solve this.

It might sound silly, but think of it for a second:

A bunch of free hangers signals, to you as well as to others, that this is a welcoming place.

It’s a place for friends and family to show up at any time, and they’re oh so welcomed and there’s oh so much space for them – in your heart as well as in your home.

The thing is;

  • Your guests want to feel welcomed and expected.
  • They don’t want to cause you trouble.
  • They want their arrival to feel easy and enjoyable.

And a well-organized entrance, with easy access to any kind of space for outdoor clothes, sets the tone for your home as a generous and easy-living place – and even for the rest of the get-together.

Here’s what to do to make it easy for your friends to come hang with you

This might be the shortest checklist ever:

✅ Get enough free hangers!

That’s it!

And I don’t mean to fix that the minutes before they arrive – no, no, this is an “always to be there”-thing (I couldn’t find a better expression…).

So, go get a new pack of fresh hangers that are dedicated to your coat rack. Or collect hangers from those you already have – those that are suitable for jackets and heavy coats and maybe smaller ones, too, for kids jackets.

Or, if you don’t use hangers, make sure there are always free hooks or another space that’s easy to access for any and all of your guests’ outdoor stuff.

Easy, huh?!

A final note

Yes, easy.

And still, I tell you; there’s a big difference in how you experience an entrance where it’s easy to hang all your stuff and get rid of it in a blink, compared to one where you have to look for any possibility to leave it and maybe even feel you might cause a problem for those you visit.

So, this is all about making your guests feel welcomed and expected – and make it easy for them, AND for you, to come hang with you.

And also, it’ll give you a pretty nice feeling, even when you’re not having anyone visiting at the moment, that friends and family are always welcomed and that you have an inviting space and an easy living lifestyle – so this will have an impact on you and your everyday life as well.

Not bad for a couple of hangers!

Over to you!

  • What’s your biggest “aha” after reading this?
  • Is this a challenge for you, or do you have other issues with your entrance?
  • Or do you have any great tips on how to deal with your guests’ outdoor clothes?

Share in the comments below, I’d be so happy to hear from you!

And if you have any questions – ask away below too. Your question might help somebody else, and I’m happy to answer! And, of course, there is no such thing as a stupid question – but you know that already, right?☺️

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading!
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Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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