Got a boring bedroom?
Try this!

The other day I got a question from a friend: “What can I do with my bedroom, it’s so boring!”.

Honestly, boring is sort of the last thing you want your bedroom to be.

When I asked “How do you want to feel when you enter the room?”, the answer was quick and clear: “Ohhh, how cozy it would be to get to bed and sleep there!”.

And honestly – again – isn’t that exactly how we DO want to feel about our bedroom?! Like you can’t resist it when it’s time to get to bed!

If that’s not how you currently feel about your nighttime space, you’ll get some tips right here.

Amp up the coziness in your bedroom

There’s like zillion things (at least!) to say about bedrooms, as with any space, but that would make for a pretty long blog post.?

So for now, we’re just going to focus on the cozy factor here.

But before that, make sure you’ve got the basics in order because that’s where you really got to start – after that, you can move on to this, and here’s the deal;

You should be drawn to your bedroom
– every night!

Wouldn’t that be something?!

Here’s what to do to make that happen

Okay, let’s keep it short and sweet so you can get right to it:

? The basics
Seriously, don’t skip this! Actually, that’s really all you got to do, and all this other stuff is just like icing on the cake.

? Clear it out
Besides the decluttering and cleaning; have a look around and clear your bedroom from anything that’s not associated with sleep, rest, and intimacy. It can be challenging if you live in a small place, but try to keep all other things elsewhere. Keep in mind; your bedroom is all about slowing down and to rejuvenate, relax and recharge. Sounds nice, huh?

? Textiles
Adding textiles will help to get that comfy cozy atmosphere. Use soft and fluffy fabrics and materials, and if you like curtains go for that, and maybe a bedside rug to put your little feet on. Make sure the bed looks inviting with beddings you like, cushions, throws etcetera – your bed should really make you feel like you can’t wait to curl up in there!

? Flowers
For the bedroom, choose flowers that are soft in forms and colors, as well as in their smell – sort of sweet, cute and low key. If you have cut flowers you won’t need like a hotel-lobby-kind-of-super-bouquet, but rather a small simple one.

? Soft lighting
As it gets darker, make sure to turn on some light in the bedroom, before bedtime – this is to make the room look warm and nice and all that welcoming. Some kind of soft lighting in the window and something by the bed that’s easy to switch off when it’s time to say nighty nighty will make for a perfect base.

For that extra cozy feeling, you might light a candle, scented if you like, while getting ready to sleep – just don’t forget to blow it out before you drift off, or use flameless candles to be super safe.

Create a bedroom that really invites you
and feels like a safe haven for recreation.

Over to you!

  • Do you have any great tips on how to make a bedroom feel cozy and inviting?
  • If you’re not so super happy with your bedroom, what’s one small thing you can do to add that little extra cozy feeling?

Thanks for reading!
And thanks for leaving your comment and thoughts in English
– doing that will allow more of us to be able to read it.

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