3 steps to bliss!
An evergreen checklist

I sometimes get the comment that there’s so much to digest when it comes to feng shui and arranging your space in a good way. You should do this in the kitchen, that in the bathroom, but absolutely not this in the hallway – and so on and so forth. But besides following your joy compass there is a short and easy checklist you can follow for any space at any time.

Do this and you’ll be all set!

Since my philosophy about feng shui is all about creating spaces to make you feel good, following these three steps will get you there in a moment. It will also give you a perfect base to work further on – if you want, or when you have time. If not, this will be more than enough.

Ok, here we go:

1. Declutter & Clean-up
2. Get yourself some flowers
3. Light a candle


Not that complicated, right?

Let’s have a little closer look at these steps:

1. Declutter & Clean-up

Yeah, I know this could sound boring, but you know, to enter a space that’s well organized and that smells clean and good – can’t resist that, can you?! So this could be done more or less in depth, depending on how much time you got at the moment, or how much there’s actually to work on. Do whatever you have time and energy for right now – doing a little bit is better than nothing, and you can always continue another time. Be gentle with yourself.

2. Get yourself some flowers

Oh, the magic of fresh flowers! It could be potted plants or cut flowers, doesn’t matter. If you are away a lot or if you know you have a tendency to not take that super great care of your plants, then go for cut flowers. In general, having potted plants is a great base and give your room a fresh healthy air, while fresh cut flowers give that little extra something to a room, both with their looks and their smell – they sort of highlight a spot or space, but they only last for a couple of days.

3. Light a candle

There’s a reason why its candlelight dinner and not light bulb dinner… We all know that great ambiance a lit candle gives; it brings such comfort and coziness to any place and moment! So do that as often as you can. Really! And if this is not the right time or place to lit a candle, make sure there’s enough lighting in the room anyway. Light, in general, has this overall and major impact on us, since it signals safety and comfort, and make a space appear welcoming and friendly.

Follow these 3 steps – you’ll be amazed how great your space will look and feel!

If it’s a storage room
Instead of flowers: use some kind of room scent
Instead of candles: use great electric lighting

Okay, over to you!

  • What’s your best tip to make a space feel great?


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