Workspace makeover #3!
Picture your success

Wouldn’t it be great to enter your workspace and feel super inspired and like you can’t wait to get in there and get going?!???

That would set you up for a great start of your workday – and maybe even give you some super powers for the rest of the day too.

There’re of course many aspects of creating a workspace like that, but there’s one that’s easy to miss out on AND, luckily, equally easy (and fun!) to fix AND that’ll have a great impact.

It sounds almost too good to be true, right? But no, my friend, it’s not, and this is how it works.

Visualize your vision

Think of all the great stuff you want to achieve with your work and what the results will lead to – what kind of life and work you want to create, and what you envision for yourself.
(And yeah – go ahead and dream big!☺?)

Maybe you want to go on weekend trips to some great places. Or be able to work fewer days in the week. Or add mindfulness and meditation to your workdays. Or take your work to the next level, working with certain people and projects.

Everything and anything counts.

But also, think of what motivates and inspires you. It could be places or people, or something else. Or maybe something you want to remind yourself of – a state or feeling you want to return to and embody. Again; whatever drives you and your work, and whatever you dream of and strive for.

Paris? $$$? Beach house? Time off? Calmness?

Then (and now comes the really fun part!?) go search for pictures and objects of these things, or something that symbolizes them, and put it in your workspace – on the wall, on your desk, in your bookcase and anywhere where you’ll see it all the time.

It could be super specific, like “I love to go to Paris for a weekend”, and you put a poster of the Eiffel Tower on your wall.

Or you want to spend half the year on a paradise island while working remote, and you have a picture of some dreamy place on your desk.

Or you want to volunteer somewhere, start your own business, add a new kind of niche to what you already do, learn to play the piano or maybe save up some money to buy your dream cottage.

Go full force on your dreams and the life and work you want to create, and surround yourself with images and things that represent what you want and long for.

Frame it to claim it!

Okay, not everything needs to be framed, but you get the picture, so to say (and excuse the pun…?).

Here’re some great and fun ideas from people I know and have worked with, to give you some inspiration and get your creativity going:

  • Wished to take her fiction writing more seriously:
    ➡ placed books on writing, like “How to write your first novel”, “Creative writing” and so on, on a shelf in front of her so she saw it every day while working.
  • Had a beloved certain place in nature where she always felt calm and inspired:
    ➡ put a picture of that place in her workspace.
  • Wanted to start her own business:
    ➡ kept a binder by her desk with the business name on it, before she had a business.
  • Strived for a certain income goal:
    ➡ happened to find the perfect poster that symbolized that.
  • Wanted to travel to and work more with clients in a certain country:
    ➡ used wooden letters to create an encouraging word in that language on her bookshelf.

As you can tell, it’s all about finding things that you associate with what you want to achieve and create – so go be playful and picture (literarily!) your dreams, visions, and goals.

With this little simple trick, you’re going to turn your workspace into your personal and magical dreamlife capsule.

Superman might have his cape, but you just have to step into your workspace to feel the force. Not bad, right?!???

Over to you!

Let me know in the comments below:

  • What’s one thing you can do to visualize your vision, in one way or another?
  • Or have you already done something like this and want to share it with the rest of us?
    It would be great fun to know what you did!

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