Balcony? Porch? Veranda?
The #1 thing to make it feel good

Are you blessed with some kind of outdoor space to your home?

If you are, you might spend long, warm evenings there – lighting some candles or lanterns while talking away hours with your friends or having dinner with your family, or just ending the day in silence there.

But what happens when you leave? Is it left all dark and with a feeling of that’s it’s closed down?

Or those times when you don’t use it – or maybe you never use it – what does it look like then?

Here’s the deal; it’s equally important to keep it look cozy and inviting even when you’re not using it for the moment – or actually if you never use it.

There’s a big “why” to that, and there’s one simple thing you can do to fix that.

Light to invite

It’s so easy to think about the outdoor place like… well – just the outdoor place.

But the trick is to see it as being a part of your home – just like any other room.

And you want to make this room feel included in your home – not a space that’s separate from the rest and sort of out there.

To do that, as with any other room, you want this space to look friendly and inviting – and the number one thing to do, to make that happen, is so simple, yet makes ALL the difference.


And that is to add some kind of lighting when it gets dark – and yes, even when you’re not using the space.

You see, the thing is that;

Light creates space. 

And not only that; it turns any space into a space – and even more so; into a warm and welcoming space.

And that’s’ what we want, right?!

Because you’ll still see this space from when you’re indoors, and you don’t want this to be like a big, dark hole out there – but rather a warm, cozy place that’s just another part of your home.

So, the simple act of adding lighting will turn it into an equal part of your place.

And – tadaa! – all of a sudden your home just expanded!

Great, huh – just like that!?

Here’s what to do

So, you can do this with both more permanent solutions as well as with more quick and easy ones. Here’re some ideas and examples:

? As with any room, it’s usually nice to have several different kinds of light sources. For example, one that gives a good overview light, like lamps on the walls, at the ceiling and so on, but also use some other kinds of lighting that maybe just adds to the ambiance.

? Look for solutions that’ll automatically switch on the light when it gets dark. Doing that, you don’t have to think about it, and also, it will be lit when you’re not at home, which will make the place look warm and inviting at all times. You can use solar lamps, twilight switch lamps, fairy lights or timers.

? Get creative and see where you can put some lighting. You can for example put lights on the rail, on the wall, use floor lamps, small solar lamps in flower pots (that really gives a neat and soft little spotlight to the flowers in the evenings!), have one or a collection of lanterns on the floor or hang them on the wall, put fairy lights with batteries in pot trees and faux lights on the table or on a bench.

Play around with it and see what works, and be aware of how it feels from the indoors when you see this space when it’s dark outside – now all lit up and happy.?

Over to you!

  • Did you get any new ideas on how to add lighting to your outdoor space?
  • Have you already done this and do you have any great tips to share in that case?

Share in the comments below, I’d be so happy to hear from you!

And if you have any questions – ask away below too. Your question might help somebody else, and I’m happy to answer! And, of course, there is no such thing as a stupid question – but you know that already, right?☺

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Photo by Andrew Knechel on Unsplash

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