Get the magic formula for a prosperous treasure hunt

Ahhh. Abundance.

That word – I just LOVE it!?

The sound of it. The meaning of it. Even the looks of it.

Mmmm… just, mmm.

“Yeah, right, but what has this to do with feng shui”, you might think.

A whole lot, I would say. A whole lot.


To me, feng shui is about creating a space and a lifestyle that makes you feel good.

It’s about creating space, both literarily and figuratively, for what brings you joy and fulfillment, peace and inspiration. For what lights you up. For what makes you feel alive. For what matters most to you.

And for gratitude.

Because without gratitude, nothing really matters. If we can’t fully enjoy it – what’s the point?!

I truly believe that the more grateful you feel,
the more things you’ll find to be grateful for.

It’s like one thing leads to another – it’s a state you put yourself in.

And it’s all about awareness.

So the simple yet crazy powerful formula to instantly experience abundance is to tune in to gratitude and turn on your awareness.

Look around and “feel around”. Take it all in. What you see. What you feel. What you experience.

And – BAM! – you’ll just find more and more to be grateful for. It’s like you finally open your eyes and really see – or feel.

And it goes on and on, and all of a sudden you realize; you’re surrounded by all this neverending goodness – by abundance.

Gratitude creates abundance!


It’s as simple as that!

Like, if you ever been picking berries, sometimes you just see a couple to start with, and then you sort of put on your “berry eyes”, and you just see more and more and more.

I think it’s the same thing with gratitude and abundance – once you tune into it, you just find more and more.

And isn’t the feeling of abundance and fulfillment that comes with gratitude ultimately what you, in one way or another, want to bring into your space – and into your life?

So, let’s create some abundance! Tune in to gratitude and go for a treasure hunt in your own home and in your own life.

Over to you!

Let’s just focus on this for now, and tell me in the comments;

  • What are you grateful for today?

And if you’re going through hardships, and find it difficult to connect to gratitude – I’m sending you much love and big hugs.❤️

I’m grateful for so many things. And today, I’m especially grateful for you. Yes, YOU!
Thanks for being you, thanks for showing up here and thanks for reading all the way down here – I appreciate it all.??

And thanks for leaving your comment and thoughts in English
– doing that will allow more of us to be able to read it.

Photo by Artur Rutkowski on Unsplash

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