Bedroom basics!
What to REALLY make sure you do

Bedrooms, bedrooms, bedrooms – oh boy, I could probably have an entire website only about bedrooms, I guess!?

Since this is the space where you (hopefully!) spend a significant amount of hours and are supposed to get deep and restorative sleep, it’s worth to pay some extra attention to it, don’t you think?

And there’re some basic things that are crucial to start with and to really look out for – and that, my friend, is what we gonna talk about today.

The bedroom basics – what and why

There’re of course many things that contribute to a good nights sleep, but one that really can help to support that is a restful bedroom.

You see, when your bedroom is set up in a supportive way, your mind will be told that this – ZZZZZ – is what you’ll be up to now, nothing else.

And the trick?

Well, to make it short, it’s actually all about one thing, namely to:

Create space for sleep.

And that’s it.


Your bedroom should be ALL about sleep, rest and intimacy. Nothing else. Period.

That, in return, means to get rid of anything in there that’s not related to this.

Because when your brain registers all that other stuff that might be in there, it can cause stress and triggers thought patterns (subtle, or maybe not so subtle…) that you don’t want to deal with at bedtime.

So, when you enter your bedroom and are ready to get to bed, we don’t want you to start thinking about work, or all those books you haven’t read yet, or any of that other stuff that might be hanging around in there that could remind you of things you should do or should have done.

That would almost be like to sleep surrounded by your to-do-list – and we certainly don’t want that.

Or, if it’s a room filled with a lot of things, it’s more like to sleep in a warehouse – and even more certainly, we don’t want that for you!

Simply put: more things = more stress.

You see, your brain needs to deal with all those things, and since they might remind you of things you need to act on – well, it’s just not a great timing when you’re trying to wind down.

Of course, we don’t want a bedroom that’s empty like a hangar, it should absolutely be cozy and inviting – but only with things related to sleep and rest.

I know it can be difficult if you live in a small space to find other places for your stuff, but try as much as possible to clear out your bedroom from anything that doesn’t really relate to it.

Think of it as an act of self-care and well-being, since you’re doing this to promote better sleep.

So, with that in mind, having a look in your bedroom, you might realize that some stuff actually better live elsewhere.

Here’s how to turn your bedroom into a restful space

Below are some things to look out for in your bedroom that preferable should be moved out of there and find another place – or be organized in a different way.

Of course, you might have other things that are not on the list that don’t belong in there either – this is just to get you started and to help you see your bedroom with fresh eyes, in order to create a restful space.

❗️ Piles of books or magazines – chose ONE that you’ll read for now and get a new one when you’re done.

❗️ Loads of clothes hanging around on chairs, on the floor, on your bed or elsewhere.

❗️ Actually piles of anything.

❗️Laundry basket.

❗️ Bookshelves full of books or other things.

❗️ Anything work related – such as reports to go through, your calendar, notes for your next presentation.

❗️ Desk or workspace area.

❗️ Workout equipment – even your beloved yoga mat.

❗️ Toys, pet or hobby stuff.

❗️ Tech-things – like TV, computer, tablet, printer and yes, your phone, too… (sorry!)

❗️ Excessive furnishing or just too many things in general – it makes the space crowded and also collect more dust.

Basically; declutter in general and clear out as much as possible.

If you still need to keep things in your bedroom, try to keep it out of sight, like in a cabinet or in a drawer, or in some kind of closed storage so it’s not visible.

Some of these things might be easy to remove and replace, (or even get rid off completely?!), while other things, like big furniture or finding a new workspace area, might need some more planning.

It’s all good! Take your time. As always with feng shui, it’s all about being aware and make conscious decisions, and then take action as it works for you.

Over to you!

  • What’s your biggest “aha” after reading this?
  • Did you find something in your bedroom that you realized maybe should live elsewhere?
  • Do you have any ideas or experience with this that you want to tell us about?

Share in the comments below, I’d be so happy to hear from you!

And if you have any questions – ask away below too. Your question might help somebody else, and I’m happy to answer! And, of course, there is no such thing as a stupid question – but you know that already, right?☺️

I look forward to hearing from you!

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