Workspace makeover #4!
Flower power on duty

When setting up your workspace for success and productivity, there’re some details that definitely will add to the magic.

So, after you’ve been doing all the basic stuff, like the decluttering, found a great spot for your desk and made sure you have the support from what you surround yourself with – it’s time to add the frosting on the cake and give yourself a treat. All to make your day run a bit smoother.

Let’s hire some great assistants – yay! And they’re sweet and green!

Who knew that about your best (?) working pals?!?

And no, I’m not talking about Martians here (I don’t know much about them, I have to admit) – these guys you’re about to learn more about, are far more accessible, that much I know.

Plants and flowers – your green colleagues

Yup, we’re talking plants and flowers here.

You see, not only are they lovely to look at, but they’ll help you keep your workspace alive (well, if they still are, that is…), and full of energy.

They’ll make the air fresh and clean, and they’ll do that in complete silence – not disturbing you while working.☺️

The thing is, that workspaces are quite often full of technology and electricity, such as computers, printers, phones, tablets and, you name it – and all these things collect dust as if that were their main mission. And sitting inhaling dust all day long is not really a dream scenario.

Besides from absorbing dust, your green co-workers also clean the air from toxins that could come from outdoor pollution or even from things indoors.

And, on top of all this, they serve you oxygen (thank you!) and keep the air humid.

All this will help you to stay energized throughout the day.

But – it doesn’t end there!

The visual component has a huge impact as well.

We all know the many healing and nourishing aspects of nature, and bringing a little piece of it indoors will give you some of it. Just the fact of seeing beautiful, healthy plants, or flowers, will have a positive effect on you.

You can also look at them from an affirmational perspective. In feng shui, the color green, trees, plants and flowers are associated with springtime, a new start, growth, health and wealth – because that’s what they’re all really about, right?

Plants are associated with health, wealth, growth, abundance and clean, fresh air.

And we want that in our workspaces, don’t we?!?

Then, there’s the act of caring for them, which, if we continue on the affirmational and metaphorical path, is like being a gardener for your health and wealth.

So, caring for your plants in your office turns out to be like an act of caring for your work and business, for your health and wealth. And in return, to make it short:

They’ll help you to nourish your abundance.

Not bad for a couple of green, leafy guys?!?

Here’s how to choose plants and flowers for your workspace

Below you’ll find some guidelines to follow when recruiting your new green office buddies:

? Look for shapes and forms that are upwards – like striving up and forward, tall and vertical, and that somewhat have an alert appearance. You can also go for plants that look abundant, flourishing and overflowing – that’s what we want for our business and lives, right?

? Think of the looks of the plant as a reflection of your business and work. Check in with yourself and be aware of how you feel when you see the plant, what you associate with it – and if that mirrors what you want for your work.

? Choose plants that are especially good at cleaning the air, due to all the tech you might have in your workspace, and also plants that have the extra ability to add humidity.

? If you’re not a plant whiz, check with your local flower store (or the almighty Google) what plants works best for the direction of your workspace (north, east, south or west).

? Take good care of them. Remove any withered leaves or flowers, water them and talk to them (yes, really!). Treat them like the friends they are, and make sure they are happy and joyful. Remember, they’re on your team now.

? If a plant doesn’t look healthy, or start to decay and sort of have done its job – say thank you and then gently send it off to the flower heaven by discarding it.

? If you don’t have green fingers and have a tendency to forget about your plants, or if you’re away a lot, you can go for fresh flowers instead – they just last for a few days anyhow. Make sure to take them out when they start to fade. You can also use fake flowers – but that would be the last kind of solution. They won’t give you the fresh air, of course, but they will at least add the visual aspect of a lovely sight and the affirmation of growth. In case of fake flowers, choose the ones in textile and avoid any plastic versions.

That’s it – time to go look for your new green colleagues! Have fun and enjoy the recruiting process!

Over to you!

  • What’s your biggest “aha” after reading this?
  • Do you have plants or flowers in your workspace? If yes – why? If no – why?

Share in the comments below, I’d be so happy to hear from you!

And if you have any questions – ask away below too. Your question might help somebody else, and I’m happy to answer! And, of course, there is no such thing as a stupid question – but you know that already, right?☺️

I look forward to hearing from you!

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