A Great Start!
2 simple ways to get you going

Okay, so you’re thrilled and can’t wait to get started with all this feng shui-thing – yay!???

But there might be just one little problem that stops you from getting right to it; you don’t really know where to start…

Maybe the garage? Or the kids rooms? Or the kitchen? Or maybe that packed closet where everything just falls out when you open the door? Or…

And before you know it, all that great get-going-energy is gone, just because it’s impossible to choose what to actually begin with.?

Frustration vs. Excitement

But here’s a simple way to figure out your perfect take-off and give you a flying start:

Start with what catches your attention the most
– either by frustration or excitement!


Thus, act on the thing, room, space or situation that either:

1 – annoys you or your family the most (and maybe even causes most conflicts)


2 – the one thing that you are absolutely THRILLED to get going with!

So, what’s the first thing you come to think of? What have you been irritated on, muttering over and grumbling about? OR what have you been longing for, dreaming on or collecting inspiring pictures of?

It’s easy to just think of big projects, but the small ones are really as effective. And actually, it has nothing to do whether it’s a major thing or not, it’s all about what occupies you the most. So, check-in with yourself, what’ve been catching your attention.

You know, It could be as small as FINALLY changing the non-working light bulb in the closet, or going through your wallet to get rid of old receipts, notes, business cards to people you don’t even remember. Or it can be as big as redoing a complete room or organizing a storage space. Again, it doesn’t matter. Run with what would give you the most relief and joy.

Okay, so what will be your next move?

For me, I think I finally act on a pile of magazines, clippings and newspapers I was supposed to go through a rainy day, but that’s now been on a kitchen bench (!) for the longest time.

Let’s get going!??


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