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Let joy be your guide

“Ohhh, this is soooo exciting!”????

That is usually how I feel when somebody asks me about advice for a space – be it a complete home or a storage room (yes, really!).

Sometimes I know exactly what to do from the very beginning – there’s no doubt, whatsoever. But other times I need more input, more information and more inspiration to find a good solution. So I start looking for facts and digging deep into all kinds of sources and recources.

Somewhere, they stress the importance of doing it THIS way. Somewhere else, they instead say you should absolutely do it THAT way. Yet another one point out the major impact it will have if you do it like this, or don’t do it all.

Phew! After a while, I feel more lost then I did in the first place. How could this be so complicated?!?

Sometimes it’s really easy to be paralyzed by all the dos and don’ts, all the musts and big no-no’s (“OMG! Did you place a red sofa THERE?!?”?). And in feng shui, it can sometimes be quite confusing since there are different schools that at times can have opposing advice. Hey, how confusing is that?!

The One Golden Little Rule

But you don’t have to let all those rules make you dizzy and lose your way. Of course, they’re there for a reason, but if you can’t see what they could do for you at the moment or if it doesn’t feel right to you – then don’t do it.

There is actually just one little simple “rule” you can follow, and you don’t need to read a single more word to understand how it works or to know how to apply it. It reads:

Follow your joy!

It’s as simple as that.

The tool is your senses, your gut feeling, and that little “yesss-voice” inside you.

Of course, it’s always a good thing to learn more, know more and be curious to find new solutions. But there is a limit when you just feel more and more lost and finally find yourself in the land of confusion.

You know, this should all be about creating spaces to make you feel good and at ease – not to make you overwhelmed or worry about doing things right or wrong.

So when it comes to finding a solution, go with what works well for you and feels good to you right now and right here – just follow your joy. And I have to say, I pretty much think that’s a golden rule in any area of life!

[ If you need a little help to get in a super joyful mood, listen to this one – it might be the best energy boosting song, ever. Woohooo! ]


Over to you

When it comes to organizing, arranging or decorating your space:

  • Do you have a golden rule yourself?
  • Do you look for guidance? If so, what kind and where do you look for it?
  • Anything else you want to share about this?


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