Minor Input – Major Impact!
The smallest thing to enhance your bathroom

A couple of years ago my family and I spent some days during our summer vacation on a lovely old farm. We stayed in the cutest ever little house – simple yet adorable.

In the bathroom, that was small and super basic but with the sweetest summer vibes, was this little thing that just did it all – something that’s sooooo easy to do in any bathroom and that instantly will give the space that extra feeling.

The little little flower-trick

In that bathroom, which had a washbasin that was so small you could hardly fit your toothbrush on it, was this small and smart vase attached with suction cups to the mirror, and in that vase was the tiniest little little pink flower that just BRIGHTENED up the whole space!

Seriously, it was like magic! When you saw it, you couldn’t help but smile (and actually, I found myself talking to it…) – that little little flower was like a neat bathroom friend.☺

So what do we learn from this?

The smallest thing can have the greatest impact!


Putting flowers on or nearby the washbasin is neither something new or revolutionary, but sometimes you get so struck of how well something works, and you get a great reminder of what you easily can do yourself to brighten up your day and space.

So, my little little tip for you today is to get a little little flower to put on your washbasin, to light up your bathroom visits. Of course, if you want a bigger flower – feel free! But a single one or small bouquet will do the trick. And you don’t need to attach it to the mirror – even if that was super smart! – use a small vase or glass and just put it on the washbasin.

If you are lucky enough to have your own garden and it’s the right season, go out and pick your beauty, or look for a wildflower somewhere. Otherwise, pass by your local flower store and get your little darling.?

I’m curious to know

  • What would be your favorite flower to have in your bathroom like this?
  • Do you have any other trick to bring a little spark to your bathroom?

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Photo credit (picture cropped): Blake Richard Verdoorn/Unsplash

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